Wall art makes a statement, whether you display it in the office or at home. It says so much about who you are and what you like. When looking for posters or prints to include on your walls it can be difficult to find something that truly reflects who YOU are. So rather than choose a bland picture of somewhere you’ve never been, why not create your owncanvas wall art by turning one of your digital photos into an eye-catching canvas print?

Canvas printing creates unique home decor

Creating your own canvas wall art allows you to display something unique and personalised. Don’t hide your great photos away, blow them up into canvas prints and put them onto your walls for everyone to see. You can choose an image that matches your colour scheme, and with so many different sizes available you can find something that perfectly meets your needs.

Canvas prints show your personality!

Wall art can be a fabulous conversation piece at a dinner party. In an office environment being able show that you can be professional, at the same time as displaying a little personality, can be a great asset in the eyes of your clients.

Ideas for your canvas print:

  • landscape shots of your favourite holiday spot
  • close-ups of your children
  • a treasured photo from your wedding, and if you used a professional photographer this is an even better reason to put it on display
  • an old photograph of your parents or grandparents on their wedding day can be arty and heart warming at the same time
  • your pet/baby having their first bath

You can even take some photos especially to turn into canvas art:

  • the front of your house
  • your garden covered in snow
  • images of your local town
    If you’re looking to decorate your walls with something that’s unique and close to your heart, canvas wall art offers the ideal solution.

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