You plan your wedding day up to a year in advance. Many women start to think about their special day even earlier; with teenage dreams of the dress and the carriage that will take them to a castle on a hill drenched in sunlight… By the time the day comes around every fine detail has been mulled over, from the colour of the flowers to the confetti on the tables.

The photographer is there to help record every moment of your wedding day so for years to come you can look back over the pictures and feel like you are back in that room, with your family and friends around you. What better way to store these treasured memories than to make a wedding photobook which can safely preserve your photographs in a beautifully-binded book that can be kept for a lifetime.

Wedding photobooks can include more than just your professional photographs; why not ask your guests to share their photos of your big day with you, and include them too. That way, your wedding album will be a true reflection of all aspects of the day, from many different perspectives. To make the photo book extra special you can ask the parents of the bride and groom, the best man and bridesmaids to write short messages which can be included in the book.

If you explain to your photographer that you plan on creating a wedding photo book, they can take some lovely close-up or arty shots of the tables, the cake or the venue. These sorts of images can make your photo book a beautiful and original memento of your wedding day.

All photobooks are created using our free, easy to use software that puts you in control of the design and layout of your images. You can even personalise the photo book with a wide range of free backgrounds, special effects, lay-outs and clip-art graphics.

Wedding photo books are a fabulous way of presenting your precious photographs that you can enjoy dipping in and out of for many years.

The Photobookstore offers white wedding photobooks, with the date of your wedding embossed on the front cover of the book. Alternatively, the lay flat photo book range is perfect for displaying your professional photographs and is ideal if you have images that will go over two pages.

What’s more if you place your order before 30 September, and its your first order with us, you can claim a whopping25% discount off your wedding album.


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