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If you are wondering about the different styles of wedding photography, then this article should help…

Traditional or portrait style?

Most people associate the word traditional with the faded wedding albums their parents have on their bookshelves. However, traditional wedding photography is often characterized by a greater level of input by the photographer. This style of photography can be great for couples that are less confident in front of the camera and need a little more posing. It will also work well for couples that place a higher importance on shots with their family (group shots).

Reportage or photojournalistic style

While many wedding photographers describe themselves as ‘reportage’ or photojournalists, true photojournalism is simply capturing the day in a fly on the wall fashion with no posing or organising of individuals or group shots. While this means that couples are left entirely to enjoy their big day, it also sacrifices shots with guests, often still favoured especially by parents and other family members. Having a completely candid record of the big day showing you and your guests enjoying yourself can be a great way to look back on your day. The biggest advantage of this is that you can spend the whole day enjoying your day together!

A hybrid of the two?

The majority of couples now opt for a hybrid of traditional and photojournalistic and this is how we photograph (as do the majority). During most of the day we blend into the background, observing. All the moments are caught entirely candidly and then during your cocktail hour we get any family shots requested. Importantly, we also spend time capturing some beautiful couple shots for you to create a wonderful wedding photobook that you can treasure for years to come. Despite wedding photography moving forward, it would appear that most couples still favour a mixture of the traditional elements of family shots and couple shots combined with the more modern approach of documentary coverage of their day making hybrid photography here to stay.

Whatever style you opt for, the most important thing is to properly brief your photographer about your expectations so they can meet them and avoid any disappointment in the long run. Also be sure to look through any websites and albums carefully to make sure the person you are interested in is actual providing the style you think you want.

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