Photobook for weddings

Your wedding day is one of the biggest special occasions of your life, so it’s important to have a wedding albumwhich captures the very essence of your wedding day.  Remember, you’re going to be looking back at these photos for years to come…

First things first.  Before you start creating your photo album, make sure you:-

  • Sort through all of your digital photos, and agree (as Mr & Mrs) which are going to feature in your wedding album
  • Have a good selection of the bride and groom, wedding party, family and friends – a mixture of solo photos and group shots always looks good, as does the inclusion of photos of important aspects of the day such as your wedding cake and the venue
  • Include a mixture of landscape and portrait photos in your selection to add variety to your wedding album pages
  • Ensure the photos you have chosen are all of a big enough size to print in your wedding album – generally speaking 7mb and above.  You can always re-size your photos once they are on the page in your wedding album
  • Check the photo resolution, high resolution photos provided by a professional photographer are usually fine to use straight away, however images from friends’ phones can be too small – look out for the yellow warning triangle which will display in the software if your photo isn’t a high enough quality
  • Keep your photos in a dedicated folder on your computer desktop for easy access
  • Download our free photo software onto your computer.

With all the preparation done, you are now ready to start creating your wedding album.  Enjoy!

To view our wedding photo books, please visit our photobooks section.


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