So you are wondering how to create a professional model portfolio?

It’s true, a great model portfolio opens doors. As your selling tool, it needs to reflect style and quality, and show you in your best light. Your portfolio provides your first impression to a potential client, so it is vital that you choose the right images.

The services of a professional photographer are essential to get the best angles and lighting for greatest effect. Your photographer can advise you on the sorts of modelling shots that your agency and clients will be looking for in a portfolio. If you’re new to the industry, he can also offer some direction and ideas for poses that show off your best features.

Create a great model portfolio with a photo book

However, a professional model portfolio can be expensive, and when you’re just starting out it can represent a considerable investment. A lay flat photo book is ideal for use as a model portfolio and offers excellent value over the portfolios offered by photographers. It is stylish, professional, flexible and protects your pictures from damage.

Your portfolio should be made up of around 20 shots – both photographs and magazine pages. Select your photographs with care. It would be better to have fewer images that are of high quality, than a large number of weak shots.

A variety of poses, wearing different outfits, both in the studio and on location will show how versatile you can be. The purpose of the portfolio is to demonstrate that you can portray a variety of different personas, and that you have personality. Your completed model portfolio should contain a selection of the following:

1. Two close-up beauty shots showing off the face, hair and skin,
2. One beautiful black and white photograph with minimal make-up.
3. A selection of fashion shots.
4. Some action shots.
5. A swimsuit shot, showing off your whole body in a tasteful way (adults).

We can provide you with a professionally printed and bound portfolio, in a variety of colours, sizes and styles. Creating your model portfolio is easy and you can personalise your book with backgrounds and text to reflect your target market. Your model portfolio will protect your chosen photographs and wow your potential clients.


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