Wondering how to create your thesis stress free? Well, there isn’t a magic formula but there are some top tips which will help!

There is an alliteration often used by the military that goes along the lines of ‘prior preparation prevents poor performance’ (I have left one P out to protect the more sensitive amongst you). This holds true when attempting to write a stress free thesis too. The more work you can put in before you start to write, the better. Organisation is the key, if you can get everything laid out in your mind before you begin to bash away at your keyboard, the easier your life will be.

Once you do begin to write, make sure you break the task down into realistic time slots. Telling yourself that you are going to write non-stop for ten hours straight in order to get ahead may seem like a good idea, but the truth is that you won’t be able to, and you’ll end up disheartened when you fail to reach your allotted goal. Work to your capabilities. If you know that you can only manage 30 minutes of solid work before your head starts to throb, then stick to that. Have a short break, and return for another bout of 30 minutes. Plan ahead, and give yourself ample time to complete your thesis.

Rushed work is rarely quality work.

It is also vitally important to keep a positive frame of mind when writing. Constant worrying will do nothing to improve your chances of success. Engage with other students and share your anxieties, feeling isolated will only lower productivity. Music, especially classical, can also help relax your mind and enhance your concentration.

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Even though you may at times feel like one, you are not a robot, so keep your body and mind healthy. Eating well, exercising frequently and resting often will also stand you in good stead as you aim for the grades that you desire and deserve.

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