Bokk binding

Photo books are a good way to remember a particular event or occasion and can be created from a person’s own photographs.

A day out at Royal Ascot with friends and family is an event that probably will not take place every year and therefore people will want to make the most of the memories they have. A photo book can used to share these memories and there are a number of ways that these photos can be organised in the book.

The outfits

Getting dressed up is one of the things that makes a day out at Ascot so special. Making sure a photo is included that shows every member of the party in their outfits will ensure that the effort everyone has made will be remembered forever. Photos can also be included that show some of the best, and worst, of other peoples outfits that were seen on the day.

Celebrating a win

If someone in the group is lucky enough to have a win make sure that photos showing their good fortune being celebrated by the whole group are included. The length of this section will depend on how many wins the group has during the day, but even if only a few photographs are used then this still creates memories of the day – and the group will be able to look back and laugh at how unlucky they were.

Group shots

The best memories of the day will be the ones that the group shared as a whole. Taking as many photographs as possible of the group together also presents an opportunity for the group to get together before the photo book is created and choose the photos they would most like to be included. These types of photographs can be included in the book as a chapter on their own or can be scattered throughout the book as part of other sections.


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