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Everyone needs a hand when it comes to ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

Father’s day is a specially occasion where you can celebrate your father, his role in your life and what he has accomplished, both as a man and a parent. When putting together a photobook for father’s day try to think of moments your father might be particularly proud of as well as moments that meant a lot to the entire family.

Photo’s celebrating Dad

Try and find photo’s that show your dad at his best. These can be photos of you together sharing a special moment, or times when he won an award or did something he considers a personal accomplishment. Don’t forget to include special moments as well like an anniversary or even an office party.

Candid photos

There are those classic moments when our parents remind us they are just people. Try and find candid photos of your father just goofing around, enjoying a beer or even just sleeping in his favourite arm chair. These kinds of photos are humanising, endearing and will let your father know that you realise he’s just one of the guys.

Family moments

The moments many parents hold most dear are those they spend with their families on trips, vacations, birthdays or special events. Try and include some of these in your photobook. Maybe things like your father teaching you to ride a bike or tie your shoes, or holding you the day you were born. These sentimental moments mean a lot and are cherished memories for any parent.

Photos of you together

Don’t leave yourself out of the equation. A great way to personalise a photobook is to make sure it has photos of moments you shared together with your father, ones that mean a lot to both of you. Be sure you include these and highlight them within your photobook. Showing your father that these moments mean as much to you as they do to him is a gift all by itself.


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