There are a lot of amazing photographers that not only inspire with their work, but take the time to teach and share what they have learned with others, through their books, blogs and even demonstrations on YouTube.

If you are looking to find inspiration, or learn more about the world of photography, you can’t go wrong if you follow these amazing photographers on twitter.

Scott Bourne @scottbourne
Scott is the founder of Photofocus, an online blog and community platform where photographers share information, tutorials, reviews and resources.

Scott Kelby @ScottKelby
Scott Kelby is the author of over a dozen books on photography and photo retouching. He is the creator of Kelby Media training, plus he also co-hosts the online video series The Grid, helping photographers improve their shots and retouching.

Tamara Lackey @TamaraLackey
Tamara Lackey is a photographer, author and instructor whose work has been featured in magazines such as: Photoshop User Magazine, Nikon World, O – The Opera Magazine, and many others. She is also an official Nikon Ambassador.

Jared Polin @froknowsphoto
Jared Polin is a digital photographer who creates user guides for various DSLR cameras as well as advocating heavily for shooting in Camera Raw format. He also host a vlog series called Raw Talk.

Terry White @terrylwhite
Terry White is a Digital Photographer primarily shooting on Nikon who frequently gives advice and demonstrations on studio lighting as well as editing photos with Adobe Lightroom.

Andy Rouse @wildmanrouse
Andy Rouse is a fantastic and award winning wildlife photographer, who gets shots of exotic creatures from all over the world. His work has even earned him the Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Species.

Rosh Sillars @RoshSillars
Rosh is a photographer turned instructor and social media consultant. He helps companies understand the value of good photography and how to leverage it within social media. While teaching students photography he also discusses the business considerations behind the art form too.

Snapchick @snapchick
Snapchick discusses photography and modelling and has several DSLR camera reviews on her YouTube channel, as well as helpful advice for amateur photographers.

Meara Kallista Morse @mearakallista
Meara Kallista Morse is a Dutch photographer based in London. She is an up and coming young photographer with an eye for colour and detail. She is one to watch for the future.

Robin Pope @RobinLDN
Robin Pope is the editor of Volume Magazine, and is controversial for preferring to shoot photos using the iPhone rather than a traditional digital camera.

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