Taking great photographs of children is a test, even for the wiliest of photographers. You may have the best behaved child in the world, but even they will not be that interested in sitting still for any length of time. While you dance around with that strange looking box in front of your face, they will be off looking for something less boring instead. So what can you do to improve your chances of getting the shots that you want?

Let’s take a look at a few tricks and tips:

  • Be patient – Try and let the shoot happen naturally wherever possible. Children are always on the move, and they don’t always follow instructions to the letter. You can be much better off letting them do their own thing, allowing the things to develop naturally.
  • Be ready – If you do go for the natural approach, be ready. You may only have a split second to nail the shot that you are after.
  • Have a helper – A second pair of hands can be very useful when photographing children. Use them to engage the child, making them smile or react as you concentrate on the photography. A helper can also help with escapees too!
  • Positioning – Not them, you. Make sure you get down to their level and photograph them from there, instead of looking down on them. Doing so will give your photos a much more natural feel.
  • Fill the frame – Get up close and make the child the centre of attention.
  • Take lots of pictures – Waiting for the perfect moment may never come, or when it does you might miss it. Take lots of pictures and choose your favourites later.
    Above all else, enjoy it. Don’t get stressed out just because they’re not doing what you want them too, they’re not supposed to. They’re kids!


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